Zero Waste Europe in 2017 – Our Year in Review

Zero Waste Europe in 2017 – Our Year in Review
Zero Waste Europe in 2017 – Our Year in Review 2018-07-10T11:08:58+00:00


2017 has been a great year for Zero Waste Europe. Continuing the qualitative and quantitative jump that we observed in 2015 and 2016, 2017 has confirmed the upwards trend; the Zero Waste movement in Europe is growing bigger and broader!

Any organisation would struggle to keep up with these changes and the increasing interest from members, media, policy-makers, companies, authorities, researchers and many others. Zero Waste Europe is no different and despite the extra effort it has required we have managed to grow to meet the challenge. This is reflected in the increase in our budget and the fact that our team has almost doubled in size adding capacity to our work on product policy, communications, membership support and financial management.

11 new network members have joined our organisation in 2017 alone, a 30% increase in one single year bringing in different European realities and expertise; from zero waste lifestyle to waste management.

Throughout 2017 we were at the cutting edge of the zero waste movement, building on our work of previous years and building new campaigns. When looking at campaigns, the big expansion of 2017 has been in the field of plastics with Zero Waste Europe being the coordinator of the Break Free From Plastic Movement in Europe as well as the Rethink Plastic Alliance, which has been instrumental in shaping of the EU plastics strategy.

From a policy perspective we have successfully shaped the waste package of the Circular Economy, campaigning to have better methodologies and measures of progress, more economic incentives to do the right thing and more ambitious targets to give legal certainty to investors. We have also worked to stop the subsidies to burning waste that should be recycled or composted.

All in all we have consolidated our organisation as the main reference for European-wide NGOs working in waste and resources and the go-to organisation for Zero Waste policy and implementation.

Joan Marc Simon – Director of Zero Waste Europe

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Zero Waste Europe gratefully acknowledges funding support for the following institutions in 2015. Thank you! Without the support of our donors Zero Waste Europe’s work would not be possible. We would like to thank & acknowledge the following institutions and foundations which have helped to fund our work:

  • Adessium

  • Plastic Solutions Fund

  • Changing Markets

  • WRAP


  • EU LIFE Operating grant

  • EU H2020


Zero Waste Europe’s Board are elected at the Annual General Meeting and are not paid for their roles, only having necessary expenses covered.

Rossano is a primary school teacher, and passionate Zero Waste leader. He has more than 20 years experience in the waste field and is a leading name of the zero waste movement in Italy. As a result of his efforts his home-town Capannori was the first European city to declare the goal of zero waste by 2020. He has helped the Zero Waste movement grow beyond the Italian borders into what is now the Zero Waste Europe movement. In 2013 Rossano was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, considered the “Green Nobel Prize” for his contributions to the Zero Waste movement in Italy.

Flore Berlingen, Secretary of the Board and Director of Zero Waste France speaking in Paris at the COP21

Flore Berlingen was elected as Secretary of the Board at the Ljubljana AGM in 2016, and is the Director of Zero Waste France and the Co-Founder of OuiShare.


Huub Scheele is Treasurer of the Board and works for Both Ends in the Netherlands. He has experience in environmental science and pollution and has worked extensively in Eastern Europe. He also has experience working in Latin America and has been involved in numerous environmental organisations.


Elena Rastei is a Member of the Board, and is also the Director of Zero Waste Romania

Victor Mitjans is the research coordinator for the Fundació Prevenció de Residus i Consum and a member of CEPA (Centre D’Ecologia i Projectes Alternatius). He is a member of the Zero Waste Europe Board, and provides expert knowledge on zero waste issues.

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